The Most Prominent Reasons Of Water Leakage From Air-Con?

Nothing can annoy rather than confronting Air-Con Dripping water problem. It forces you to clean that area again-and-again. Not only this, it may lead towards making your carpet wet. Though, you need to call a professional aircon service provider, but you also understand the major reasons of Air-con dripping water problem.

The Prominent 5 Reasons Behind The Water Dripping
Here, we are going to cite some of the most prominent 5 reasons below. Experts also suggest that one should know about it.

  1. If installation has not done in an accurate way it can be one of the reasons behind leakage. Generally, leakage problem occurs in Window Air-Con more than a wall mounted air-con. At the time of installing, it requires to pay extra attention at the back then the front. If the installation at the back is not done in a great manner, it may lead towards this problem. Water will start dripping back to the room if it is fixed too low at the front or back. It means it requires the installation must be appropriate.
  2. Too cold temperature is one of the major reasons behind Air-con dripping water problem. It happens when the temperature gets too low. Actually, there is a evaporate coil inside, which gets chocked when it makes too cold. You need to call a professional technician to fix it as soon as possible.
  3. You also need to check out the drain holes as water dripping can occur if these holes have clogged. To stay away from this hassle, you need to make a habit to clean it time-to-time. If the drain holes are cleaned, this problem will not occur. If you do not have time for doing all this, you need to call professionals to make them cleaned. They hold right knowledge as well as equipment to make them cleaned. To keep these holes clean, you need to hire for this service once in a month.
  4. What about the pipe blockage? Yes!!! It can be another reason behind this problem. These pipes locate behind the air-con if get choked then it will lead towards leakage. If you go along with the regular AC service, this problem does not happen and you do not confront this problem. And this is professional servicing is required.
  5. Leakage problem also happens if the AC condenser pumps broken. This pipe is situated inside the AC and you would not be able to see on your own. You need to call professionals AC repair to fix it and stop the water pooling.

In Singapore, everyone knows about it Air-con. There is no need to give any introduction about it. An air-con system can be found in a house on a large scale. Without AC, it may become tough to survive in the hot and humid weather. It is AC that makes you feel comfortable and cool. It requires to keep a close eye over its function to make it serve you the unparalleled comfort and cooling.