Eco Friendly packaging for house and office moves

Packaging made of cardboard is ecologically and economically

Environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important and plays a central role in the packaging sector. Manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions for storage, logistics and presentation, and we focus on cardboard packaging for many areas. Recycling makes work possible in the sense of nature and does not limit you in your ideas. Find out with us which cardboard packaging will ideally implement your project.

Cardboard packaging: cardboard packaging

Everything about packaging made of cardboard is summarized under the top label cardboard. It is always about packaging solutions which, for example, help with relocations and polish sensitive goods. Moving boxes and edge protectors for picture frames, door frames, etc. are the classic packaging elements for which cardboard is used. Of course the possibilities are not yet exhausted. Buy cheap moving boxes in Singapore to present products in an appealing manner, to design boxes and boxes for logistics or to have stackable pallets.

Cardboard packaging: Full or corrugated cardboard?

The design possibilities for packaging from cardboard are endless. Carton shape, the dimensions, the design by means of printing and punching allow a world of ideas sufficient space. Before the mass and the overall image are concerned, however, a central question must first be clarified: Should the packaging consist of corrugated cardboard or cheap moving boxes in Singapore? The latter is made from a special mixture of recycled paper, wood pulp and pulp. The addition of water produces a slurry, which is dried and pressed by means of heating elements and rollers. The resulting full carton is then cut according to the desired mass. This carton packaging is chosen when product packs are needed for light goods, folders or lightweight cardboard boxes.

Do you need a higher stability? Well cardboard is the first choice. In this case, corrugated base paper is glued with a smooth paper web, thus producing a lightweight construction. The more layers are joined, the more stable the cardboard packaging becomes. This makes stackable moving boxes, wine and spirits cartons and small folding boxes all the way to large container boxes.

We refine your packaging from cardboard

If the decision is made which cardboard packaging is ideal for your project, you have many options for design. Up to ten colors can be used to design and individualize the packaging made of cardboard. In addition, screen printing is possible, UV lacquering and working with effects such as the water droplet effect. If the packaging from cardboard is to be used later as an advertising medium or direct article packaging, the refinement will significantly increase the purchase incentive.

Cardboard packaging: Now enter the start shot

You do not want to wait any longer and order your cardboard packaging? Then visit our website and contact us without obligation for an offer. We will respond promptly to constructive proposals and start with you the project “ideal packaging from cardboard”. At the same time, we pay attention to the environmental requirements for production as well as to the highest cost-effectiveness for you. Short processing times and effective logistics will ensure that you will be able to hold your packaging from cardboard in your hands.