6 essential questions of self storage

Self-storage means “stores alone” and it comes to a service already spread widely in Northern Europe and the United States as well as Asia, which provides for the hiring of private spaces of varying sizes to be used as temporary storage for tools, objects, documents, and goods. Each of these spaces once rented is totally available to the customer who enjoys a free access to their cell or unit. All this comes at an expense of a monthly fee for a variable period depending on the needs.

What are the advantages of a choice like this?

A service that represents an intelligent and flexible solution to the growing problems of space and the safety of the large urban centers, with deferred costs and without having to incur large investments. In fact, both individuals and businesses the self-storage offers and guarantees a dry safe place and always accessible where to store their goods.

What kind of customers can use the service?

As mentioned, both companies and private individuals can find self-storage Singapore in an optimal solution to their problems.

As for private clients, moving house or renovating a property can cause many hardships, in the same way in the case of large families, the seasonal changes of materials, equipment or anything else: just a few examples of how space can even become a daily problem.

As for the companies instead examples are lost: for archival purposes or deposit documents and equipment, such as logistical support for off-site companies, due to seasonal periods when the company warehouse is saturated and only temporarily unable to meet requirements, in the event that a business is about to start and you need to hold fixed costs without necessarily having to take long-term commitments.

How does the technical self-storage works?

In a way, the customer very simple and fast chooses the size of the space that best suits their needs and assesses the time period in which will benefit from the same. The “stock” rented is available to customers that in addition to being able to make a “private use” in terms of access, has a number of additional services: surveillance, security, privacy and logistical support.

The self-storage and reality?

The market for self-storage in Italy was born about 6 or 7 years ago and compared to other European countries, along with Germany, it is the one that so far has shown the greatest potential for expansion. The prospects for the future seem to promise very well and Predictions suggest that over the next five years the Italian market will see many more birth centers that both direct franchise.

What is the rental period of the spaces and what are the average rates?

The self-storage began as a temporary and transitional solution and the average period of storage of goods is about 4 months. Some customers, however, use the service continuously especially when it comes to areas of 2 or 3 square meters for private and 6 or 7 square meters for companies.